Use Propecia to Treat Hair Loss

Although it affects millions of men, hair loss can be embarrassing. The most common type of hair loss is male pattern baldness. It can cause men to look older than they are which potentially impacts relationships and employment. Not to worry – there is a cure that may help you! Men have been prescribed Propecia for hair loss since the early 1990s. This simple treatment involves little more than a daily dose of medication and patience.

History of Propecia

History of Propecia

Propecia was developed from Proscar, a medication that effectively reduces dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels in the body. Proscar was used primarily to treat enlarged prostates. The active ingredient in Proscar is Finasteride which inhibits the production of DHT. Since male pattern baldness is primarily caused by DHT, it was believed that Finasteride may be effective in treating hair loss.

Multiple Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) clinical trials were conducted with 1,500 participants. The results were incredible! Over 82% who were treated with Finasteride for at least two years reported stoppage in hair loss, increases in hair growth, or a combination of the two.
To verify results, researchers counted the hair on each participant. In 1998, Propecia was officially released and has been used widely since to treat hair loss in men.

Propecia Today

As a treatment for hair loss, it has proven to be the most successful of hair loss drugs that have participated in trials conducted by the FDA. Men who have been using this medication since its release continue to maintain healthy hair with daily use. Most include Nizoral shampoo in their hair loss treatment regimen.

Since this is a daily medication, men find that it is easier to take it the same time each day to make sure a dose is not missed. Additionally, studies show that testosterone levels are higher in men during morning hours so taking the drug during that time may actually increase its effectiveness.

While you can purchase Propecia from your local pharmacy, more men are buying their medication from reliable online pharmacies. You may be able to get free shipping on your order as well as bonus pills. In addition to significant cost savings, you get discreet delivery of the medication directly to your home when you buy online. This can be a deciding factor for men who are self-conscious about their hair loss or simply do not want other people knowing their business.

Not only can you get your hair back with Propecia but you become confident again!

Talk to Your Doctor about Propecia


Be prepared to discuss your hair loss situation in detail. This includes how frequently you are losing hair. Your doctor will want to know about medical conditions and other stressors that may be contributing to your hair loss. While hair loss is generally a genetic condition that may be minimized with medication, there are other medical conditions that can cause hair loss.

Talk to Your Doctor